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Welcome to my creative space! I'm a seasoned Designer with a passion for visual storytelling. With over 15 years of experience and a Fine Arts degree, I specialize in bringing brands to life through strategic design and innovation. From managing teams to directing photo shoots, I thrive on delivering exceptional results.

Let's collaborate and bring your creative vision to life!

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Advertorials, book covers, and print ads represent different facets of design work, each with their unique considerations and objectives.

My role as a Designer and Art Director, is to effectively communicate a specific message through visual elements, keeping in mind the brand identity, the medium, and the target audience.

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Introducing SWOODISH

Inspired by the Scandinavian forest.

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The Volvo/DS & Durga Swoodish candle collaboration is an ​ideal candidate for an interactive ad experience due to its ​sophisticated target audience, rich brand narrative, and the ​potential for engaging storytelling through interactivity. By ​leveraging interactive elements and video integration, the ad can ​captivate the audience, enhance their understanding and ​appreciation of the product, and drive engagement and ​conversions across multiple platforms.

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My Design Process for

Sports Illustrated Marketing Ads

Embarking on a strategic design journey for Sports Illustrated, my process begins with a deep dive into the brand and audience comprehension, followed by fruitful collaborations with internal stakeholders. With a conceptual framework informed by robust data analytics, visually compelling and message-driven ads are created, ensuring alignment with both textual and visual elements while adhering to compliance norms.

My ad designs are meticulously refined through cycles of feedback, revisions, and possibly A/B testing. The finalized adverts are then deployed across pertinent channels, with post-campaign analysis guiding future endeavors, ensuring continuous optimization and resonance with the sports-centric audience.

My Design Process for

The Street Marketing Ads

In my role as a marketing designer at The Street, I initiate the ad design process by thoroughly exploring the brand's financial identity and target audience. Collaborating with editorial and marketing teams, we define campaign objectives and key messaging, blending creativity with data insights.

The visual designs prioritize aesthetic appeal, concise textual content, and legal compliance, undergoing iterative feedback and potential A/B testing. Finalized designs are strategically deployed across platforms, and post-campaign analysis informs future marketing strategies for an increasingly enhanced and audience-tailored approach.

Cover Design

My Design Process for Book and Graphic Novel Covers

In my approach to designing book and graphic novel covers, I commence with a meticulous briefing to grasp the work's essence. Following extensive market research, I conceptualize multiple design ideas, iterating based on collaborative feedback. The visual development stage involves careful selection of color palettes, typography, and imagery, ensuring alignment with the narrative. I create versatile mockups for different formats and undergo iterative refinement before delivering the final design. Continuous communication and post-launch analysis contribute to a dynamic and effective design process.


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Website Design

My Design Process for Websites

In my website design process, I, Jason Herdigein, blend creativity with strategic thinking to craft engaging online experiences. My approach starts with a deep dive into understanding the brand, its audience, and objectives, followed by wireframing and prototyping to visualize the site's architecture and user flow. Proficient in tools like Figma and Adobe XD, I meticulously design each page to balance aesthetics with usability, ensuring responsiveness across all devices.

My process is collaborative, involving continuous feedback from stakeholders and testing to refine the UX/UI. With a keen eye for typography, color, and imagery, I create pages that not only look appealing but also align with the brand’s message and drive conversions. My expertise encompasses front-end coding in HTML and CSS, enabling me to bring designs to life with precision.


My Typography Design Process

In my typography design process, I start by thoroughly understanding the project's context and objectives. This involves considering the brand identity, target audience, and the message to be conveyed. Researching current design trends and competitor approaches helps inform my creative direction.

I then sketch and experiment with various typefaces, layouts, and color schemes, ensuring alignment with the overall design concept. Iterative refinement based on feedback and testing for readability and visual impact are integral parts of the process. The final result is a typographic design that not only meets the project's requirements but also resonates effectively with the intended audience.



Case Studies

Case studies emerge as a pivotal tool for Art Directors and Graphic Designers, blending storytelling with analytical insights to showcase design proficiency and problem-solving abilities. They delve beyond the visual, exploring the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind design decisions, substantiating creative choices with strategy and results.

I use my case studies as a reflective lens, enabling me to dissect, evaluate, and convey my approach and outcomes for solving particular design challenges.

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case study 1


The objective of this case study is to optimize the YouTube interface for the Wrld Class Heroes podcast to provide a seamless, engaging, and interactive user experience, enhancing viewer engagement and increasing subscribers.


Research included surveys, focus groups, and interviews with existing podcast listeners, potential listeners, and regular YouTube users. This helped me understand user behaviors, preferences, and pain points with YouTube podcasts.


  • Users want an easily navigable and interactive experience.
  • They appreciate the ability to engage with hosts and other viewers.
  • They desire an easy way to find past episodes and additional show-related content.
  • They want an aesthetically pleasing and consistent visual presentation.

The movie, gaming & TOY podcast

Brand Identity

Based on the research, I focused on maximizing the benefits of the YouTube platform while addressing its limitations. This involved creating a visually consistent brand presence, optimizing video descriptions and comments sections, and leveraging playlists and channel sections for easier navigation.


  • Consistent Visual Branding: Thumbnails, channel art, and video graphics were designed for brand consistency and visual appeal.
  • Optimized Video Descriptions: Each video description includes a brief summary of the episode, timestamps for key topics, guest information, and relevant links.
  • Engaging Comment Sections: The podcast hosts regularly engage with comments, and top comments are highlighted to encourage viewer interactions.
  • Curated Playlists and Channel Sections: Playlists are created for different topics, and the channel homepage is organized into sections (Recent Uploads, Popular Videos, etc.) for easy navigation.
  • Community Posts and Polls: The community tab is used for updates, sneak peeks, polls, and more, providing additional avenues for engagement.


The channel underwent several rounds of user testing. Tasks included finding a specific episode, navigating playlists, engaging with comments, and utilizing the community tab.


Users appreciated the clear, visually consistent branding and the easily navigable playlists and sections. They enjoyed the engaging comment sections and community posts. Feedback included requests for more detailed descriptions and better audio quality for some episodes.


I responded to the feedback by improving the video descriptions and working with the podcast team on their audio recording and editing process.


The Wrld Class Heroes YouTube podcast channel offers an engaging and user-friendly experience, resulting in increased viewer engagement and subscriber growth. I will continue to monitor user feedback and analytics to further enhance the viewer experience.

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case study 2


The objective of this case study is to design an intuitive, visually pleasing, and effective fast food ordering app for Astro Burger, aiming to maximize user experience and engagement, while driving increased sales.


I began with a series of interviews and surveys, targeting existing Astro Burger customers as well as a wider audience who use fast food apps. From this data, I created three personas, representing typical user demographics and behaviors.


  • Users want an app that is quick and simple to use. They want to find their favorite menu items easily and check out swiftly.

  • The menu should be clearly organized, and users should be able to customize their orders.

  • Users appreciate reward programs, as they encourage repeated use.


I designed the app with these key findings in mind, creating wireframes for essential screens like the home page, menu, item customization, cart, and checkout. I prioritized simplicity, speed, and usability in our designs.


  • Easy Navigation: A hamburger menu icon in the top-left corner opens a slide-out navigation bar, allowing quick access to the home, menu, deals, rewards, order history, and settings.
  • Menu: Clear, visually pleasing images represent each item. Categories (Burgers, Sides, Drinks, etc.) are easily accessible at the top.
  • Customization: Each item can be tapped for customization options, including ingredients, size, and quantity.
  • Cart & Checkout: Users can review and edit their orders before finalizing. The estimated pickup time is displayed prominently. Payment options include credit card, mobile pay, and gift card.
  • Rewards Program: Users earn stars for each dollar spent. Rewards are clearly shown, with an easy redemption process.


I conducted usability testing with a diverse group of users. Tasks included finding a specific menu item, customizing it, adding it to the cart, and checking out. I also asked users to navigate to the rewards program and redeem a reward.


Users found the app intuitive and easy to use.

They appreciated the clear, visually pleasing images and the simple customization process. The rewards program was a hit. However, a few users suggested improvements to the checkout process and the display of nutritional information.


Based on user feedback, I made several updates to the design, including a streamlined checkout process and more accessible nutritional information.

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The Astro Burger app was successfully launched and has been well-received, with positive reviews and a significant increase in mobile orders. The user-friendly design and effective rewards program have both contributed to this success. Future updates will continue to be based on user feedback and evolving needs.


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  • Branding & Visual Communication
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  • Creative Project Management
  • Content Visualization & Execution
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